Hot Sauces

Customized Industrial Sauces

Custom Industrial Sauces

Custom Sauces for Industrial Use

For 30 years, ParadiseĀ® has been providing food manufacturers with custom, fully finished sauces and ingredients to create unique, signature sauces.

We offer an exceptional blend of custom products, top quality, great value, unmatched customer service and turnaround times. We can provide:


  • Sauces customized to fit your specific needs
  • Savings over costly branded options
  • Reliable product availability
  • Strong service, support & culinary innovation
  • Three BRC certified plants with AA rating

There are countless ways we can custom tailor your sauce.

Your Custom Sauce

Hot & Chile Based Sauces

These are a staple on menus and in retail products. From Scoville levels of 100 to 5,000, savory, smoky, spicy or fruity, the custom sauce or ingredient possibilities are endless.

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Our Signature Sauce Creation Center has the experience and culinary resources to help you find the perfect flavor and generate higher sales and profitability.

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Packaging for Industrial Sauces

Our convenient industrial sauce packaging includes:

  • 330 Gallon Tote Bins
  • 55 Gallon Drums
  • Tanker Trucks

Hot Sauces

Customized Industrial Sauces

Custom Industrial Sauces