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Paradise creates craveable, customized sauces, marinades, and glazes for all areas of your foodservice operation. With reformulation, optimization, sauce matching, and new product development services, Paradise manages all aspects of your commercial sauce production needs. This is all accomplished with the innovation, high quality, freshness, and consistency you deserve.

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Sauce Production Process

To best suit our customers individualized needs, Paradise offers two types of sauce processing: The All-Season Fresh™ process, and the Packed-In-Season process. Regardless of your choice, your business will receive the same high-quality, consistent customized sauce that has kept Paradise a world leader in commercial sauce production for the last 30 years.

All-Season Fresh Process™ Sauces

With Paradise’s patented All-Season Fresh Process™, we use products that are picked and processed at the peak of freshness. Ingredients and seasonings are then added to the sauce just before shipping, allowing you to order your sauce throughout the year with consistent quality, flavor, and color. Contact us for more information on the All-Season Fresh™ process.

Packed-In-Season Process Sauces

Packed-in-Season is just that, fresh California tomatoes packed during their peak season of July to October with delicious ingredients and seasonings added to create your customized sauce during that time. This allows your custom sauce to be created within hours of the tomatoes being harvested from the field!

Our Packaging

The pouch packaging process is one of Paradise’s greatest innovations. Its many quality protecting and cost-saving advantages are why it’s the package of choice for so many foodservice establishments. Paradise also offers jugs, totes, drums and tankers for other applications and industrial use.

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Reduce Your Environmental Impact

See how choosing pouches can save you money and significantly reduce your environmental impact!

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