Pouch Sauces

Sauce Pouches

The Pouch Advantage

Better flavor, greater consistency, increased efficiency, lower freight and more.

Did you know Paradise was the innovator of pouch packaging for foodservice sauces? With so many advantages, it’s no mystery why the largest chains are big fans of the pouch.

Advantages of Pouches vs. Cans

Efficient Freight

  • 1/10 the packaging weight for lower freight costs

Reduced Storage & Easier Handling

  • 20% less volume for less storage space
  • Easy to open and empty completely
  • Less product waste

Taste & Quality

  • Quality & fresh taste maintained throughout shelf life
  • RTU sauces ensure consistency, every location
  • No metallic taste

OSHA Safety

  • No metal edges or cuts with easy tear notch
  • No metal fragments in finished product
  • No BPA, which may be found in cans


  • Less to dispose
  • No metal parts to landfill
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Learn how choosing pouches can save you money and significantly reduce your environmental impact.

Pouch Sauces

Sauce Pouches