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Get the latest on flavor, sauce, and menu trends. See how you can capitalize on these with your menu or product offering. Plus, with the Crop Update, you will learn what is happening with tomato crops during the harvest season.

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At Topper’s Pizza 2019 Annual Convention in Madison, Wisconsin, Paradise received the Vendor of the Year Award.

At the YUM STAR Awards event held in May 2019, Paradise received the 2019 STAR Award for Value & Service.

According to Technomic’s 2018 Flavor Study, 52% of millennials are tempted by a menu item if it comes with an original, signature sauce or ingredient.

With Paradise sauces, you get a robust Food Safety & Quality Program you can trust.

Hot and spicy flavors are bigger than ever and your customers are ready to bring on the heat.

Paradise, the innovator of pouch packaging for foodservice sauce applications, has been creating custom sauces for restaurant chains and foodservice manufacturers for 25+ years.

Whitney Chittum, a seasoned product developer at Paradise®, the industry leader in custom sauces, has earned the distinction of Certified Research Chef (CRC).

With Paradise custom tomato based sauces you are assured that fresh flavor, top quality and consistency will be there every time, from location to location.

With Paradise you get sauces customized to fit your specific product and operational needs and you can realize big savings over costly branded options.

It’s time to take advantage of the growing opportunities created by today’s adventure seeking customers.

Your sauces are only as good as the raw ingredients. That’s why we start with 100% California, vine ripened tomatoes harvested at the peak of freshness.

Do-It-Yourself meal kits have seen a big increase in popularity recently. A greater desire to cook at home, the convenience factor and consumers wanting authentic and ethnic flavors are all contributing to the meal kit phenomenon.

Nothing inspires like rich and hearty barbecue sauce - a year-round favorite on sandwiches, wings, pizzas, appetizers and more.