Sauce pouches with Paradise sauce

Person enjoying pizza with Paradise sauce

Chain Restaurants

For over 23 years Paradise has been creating custom sauces for the largest foodservice chains, making us the #1 supplier of custom sauces packed in pouches.

From matches and product enhancements to new ideas that capitalize on the latest trends, Paradise can help you create the perfect sauce for every day part and every area of your menu. You can always count on us for exceptional quality and flavor along with quick concept to market and responsiveness.

We offer big advantages with:

  • Fully finished, RTU sauces
  • Ingredients to help you make your own finished sauces
  • Save up to 30% vs. brand name sauces
  • Labor and cost savings
  • Eliminate quality and consistency issues
  • Enhance your sustainability efforts

Our sauce capabilities include:

Tomato Based click here
Hot Sauce - Custom Click here & Ragin' Red Line Click here
Chile Based Sauces click here
Ethnic click here
BBQ click here
Salsas click here

Our culinary and R&D team is at your service if you want help optimizing an existing sauce or developing a new sauce idea or concept for your menu.

Check out some of our latest craveable, on trend sauce creations click here

Our innovative pouch packaging can bring many benefits to your operation. Back of the house cost and labor savings, greater safety and guaranteed consistency from a few locations to thousands. Pouches also support your sustainability efforts with big environmental advantages over cans.

Our packaging options for chains include:

  • Small Pouches - 4 oz. to 24 oz.
  • Medium Pouches – 25 oz. to 80 oz.
  • Large Pouches – Up to 160 oz.
  • Jugs - 1/2 & 1 Gallon (Hot Sauce, Wing, BBQ and Ethnic)

To learn more about Paradise click here