What sauces do you offer?
The possibilities are endless because all of our sauces are custom made. We help you create the perfect blend of ingredients, flavors and spices - tomato based sauces, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, salsa, wing sauce, ethnic sauces, sandwich sauces, sauces for dipping, glazes and marinades. Looking for healthy versions of these sauces? We do that too.

How can you help me come up with just the right sauce?
We begin by carefully listening to you. Our Culinary, R&D and Marketing support is unmatched. We’re continually working to understand the latest consumer, menu and flavor trends to create successful, new sauce ideas. Wanting to optimize an existing sauce? Our experts can bring you options that can improve costs, flavor or whatever your objective is. If you're looking for an exact product match, we're the best.

Pouch vs. can, what are the advantages?
Paradise pouches, available in 4 to 160 oz., are easier for your operation because they are lighter and take up 20% less space. Pouches are easier to open and pour, move, lift and store. It's safer. There are no worries about the cuts you can get from opening a metal can or about metal shards in what you serve. And, our pouches do not contain BPA which can found in can linings. Furthermore, when emptying a pouch there is virtually no waste and you have less packaging to dispose of (which makes it more environmentally friendly too).

How do you get product to market faster?
It starts with a proven new product development process that utilizes our on-staff Culinary and R&D teams to help shorten the commercialization process. Our quick turnaround and response times are some of the industry's best, from first samples to first runs. And because we have plants and distribution warehouses throughout the US, shipping is quick and efficient no matter what coast you're on.