Paradise has Culinary Staff, QA, R&D

Our Expertise

We have been working with the top manufacturers and chains in foodservice for a long time. Our focus has always been producing the highest quality sauces and getting them to market as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you work with Paradise, you'll get a team dedicated to your business to help you:

  • Develop exceptional sauces
  • Gain more efficiencies
  • Guarantee the best quality
  • Discover new ways to build your business and increase profitability

With Paradise, you'll not only find sauce experts, you'll get a true partner that can deliver on what we promise, from concept to commercialization.

Quality is important to Paradise

Quality Focus

In each of our 3 manufacturing plants, we take more R&D and QA steps than any other custom sauce supplier. We are committed to producing a flawless product, from the fields to finished products. Innovative technology and stringent quality control meticulously guide the entire manufacturing process:

Food Safety

Now more than ever, food safety is essential. Innovative technology and a series of standard
procedures meticulously guide the entire manufacturing process:

  • Random samplings throughout process
  • X-ray scans for contaminants
  • Microbial checks
  • Controlled ingredient storage
  • Industry-leading product recall time
  • Superior AIB and Silliker ratings


The key to consistently problem-free orders is in the details. We use sophisticated bar-coding technology on pre-work, WIP, quarantine and final inventory to eliminate any surprises. With Paradise, you'll get the product you need when you need it.